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Insta Squares Report is the quickest and most economical Solution for Estimating Roofing projects based on Square Footage. It takes into account the predominant/primary pitch of the roof.


1.   How to place an order for Insta Squares?

Insta Squares Reports can be ordered online at Simply select Insta Squares as your product selection during the ordering process. You can also place an order over the phone or by sending us a text message*.

2.   How much do I have to pay for Insta Squares report?

Insta Squares costs $17.95 irrespective of the property type and size of a single structure.

3.   How accurate are the Insta Squares Report?

Insta Squares Reports are accurate enough to make an initial estimate for a sales presentation. If the roof has multiple pitches, this report uses the most predominant pitch in its calculations.

4.   Can I order Insta Squares for Commercial Property?

Yes, but if the address has multiple building structures then order additional reports for each additional structure.

5.   How can I see what was measured in the Insta Squares Report?

On the Insta Squares Report, you will see a green outline on the image of the property that indicates the perimeter of the property measured. Only the Main roof structure is measured. One additional detached structure may be mentioned in the notes section if requested at the time of your order

6.   Can I get an XML or DOC on a Insta Squares Report?

XML and DOC files are not available for Rapid Squares. Please upgrade to the premium report if you want an editable format.

7.   Can Insta squares calculate different pitches?

Insta squares calculate the number of squares based on the Predominant/Primary pitch of the roof. When possible, we may provide a note with secondary pitch information for your reference.

8.   Can I Upgrade Insta squares report to Professional Report Format?

Yes, You can upgrade. However, we discount 50% of what was already paid towards the Professional Report cost.

* Must be a registered user with prior purchase history to order using a text message.