Commercial Wall Standard-Eight Facets

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Residential or commercial properties with roof area of up to 25 Squares.Professional report is our most popular and comprehensive report format. This report is mostly used for detailed roof measurements, Sales presentations or for Insurance purpose. Professional Report cost $30 for properties up to 25 Squares on a single structure.

This report provides the following information:

  • Report Summary
  • Roof top Image
  • Roof Square Information
  • Detailed CAD Diagram
  • Length, Pitch and Area¬†information
  • Property images from different directions (NEWS)
  • 3D CAD Model of the roof
  • Waste factor calculations chart
  • Field Notes
  • Editable Format (optional)


1.    How to place an order for Professional Report?


Professional Reports can be ordered online at Simply select Professional Report -Small as your product selection during the ordering process. You can also place an order over the phone or by sending us a text message for users with account funds*.


2.    How much do I have to pay for Professional-Small report?


Professional¬†‚Äď Small Report costs $20 for structures with roof area up to 25 squares for a single structure and does¬†not¬†include any detached structure. For roof areas greater than 25 squares, extra $10 for every additional 25 squares will be charged. (for E.g. a structure with roof area of up to 50 squares will cost $40.00 and for roof area of up to 75 squares will cost $50.00 and so on). For structures with roof area greater than 200 squares, please send us a text message on 508-321-9100 and we will call you to discuss the pricing.



3.    Can Professional report calculate different pitches?


Yes, we may calculates different pitches of the roof.


4.    How accurate are the Professional Reports?


We boast on our accurate measurements. Professional Reports are generally between 1-4% field verified variance.


5.    Can I get an .ESX for Xactimate or XML format for Symbility on a Professional Report?


Yes, .ESX or XML or PDF files formats are available upon request on checkout page. You can direct import or model into major Insurance Claims Processing Software.


6.   Can I order Professional-Small Report for Commercial or a Multifamily Property?


Yes, as long as the roof area is within the range up to 25 Squares.

7.   Can I Upgrade Rapid squares report to Professional Report Format?


Yes, You can upgrade. However, we discount 50% of what was already paid towards the Professional Report cost.

* Must be a registered user with account funds to order using a text message.